So what is Integrative Health?

Beginning in the late 70s, in a wide range of health care professions, starting with orthodox health care and seeking much frowned upon ‘outside’ help when no answers were available (which was often) I made the exodus to becoming at first a Natural Health professional, then an Integrative Health professional (combination of multi modality skills, research and knowledge) – along with many of the most honest and searching colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with – an exodus that continues today at an alarming rate.

Today, despite more success and testimonies than ever, officially and legally at least, I am prevented from practicing what earned my PhD in a field which is ridiculously for the most part ignored in most facets of health care. So what would any self respecting provider do?

Walk away.

Rather than an often tedious one-on-one consultation and referral process*, I now am able to extend my work globally, allowing with the push of a few keys, to help in many more situations than I would ever have done in all my years in private practice. Rather than my self-imposed daily maximum of 10 patients (which allowed sufficient clinical time to gather a case and provide therapies) I am now able to reach hundreds on a daily basis.

Despite the Integrative Health arena being the fastest growing form of health care in the world, it is still publicly not recognised, nor do our health authorities intend to change this. Not while massive fortunes are being spent draining nations of vital funds, channelling it all into the pharma giant coffers.

Those of us who walk away from orthodoxy, are excommunicated from the fold – even that sting cannot match the thrill and freedom of tearing up a document that entrapped us to becoming nothing more than pill pushers and liars. I don’t expect many orthodox professionals to support this page despite professionals of all persuasions making up my patient and provider quotas (don’t let a little truth get in the way!).

Thankfully my experience is now allowing me to educate and direct seasoned professionals in reshaping their mode of practice into one of ethics and success. Just like I didn’t come to this point overnight, so too with my suggestions and recommendations – after much trial, error and research, I am comfortable enough to know what I am talking about without fear of reprisal from some egotistical and controlling governing body.

Ah, the power of the internet. Welcome to your healthy life. . . .

Okay but what is EDENIC health?

I realised early on in my career that to truly thrive, we must return to what I believe it would have been like in the Garden of Eden. I also found most did not (and still do not) agree with me. But it must be asked – if there was no sickness in the Garden, why wouldn’t we want to go there?

In an alternative practice, a professional can often spend between 1 and 2 hours per consultation, retraining a new patient into thinking holistically – of their body as an entire being with cause and consequence thanks to lifestyle, only to have the patient hold back with “I will just check this with my doctor/specialist” – very time consuming and often a waste of time for both patient and practitioner. The public needs to know that medical professionals are trained in one way only and are not experts in other forms of health care, regardless of how well they feign it.

Therefore, while a doctor can see a patient in between 5 and 10 minutes and flick off a referral or script, an alternative/integrative health professional – one who sees the entire patient and addresses all existing health issues while the patient is there – can take exponentially more time and effort – all within the initial consult. On a ‘good’ day, all patients are feeling relief prior to leaving our premises. On a ‘bad’ day, we may have all first-timers who need to question everything and argue in defence of the very people who let them down in the first place. Such is the struggle of a professional who chooses to walk this path. It is no reflection on the patient – just the system. . . . . . . .)

FYI – my background and qualifications –

State enrolled nurse (and eventually, remote area nurse)

Diploma Herbal Medicine

Diploma Organic Farming & Gardening

Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy

Diploma Clinical Acupuncture

Diploma Cupping Therapy

Certs in –


Natural Nutrition


Cert IV Workplace Training

PhD Health Sciences

Interests/experience –

Vegan alkalarian

Health writing & lecturing (including homoeopathic component of naturopathy degree)


Health education

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